Monday, 1 April 2013

Embrace The Rich Chinese Culture: Embrace The Chinese Calligraphy Art

Do you embrace art? Then, you would embrace the world famous Chinese calligraphy art. Do you know that this art form brings in some luck along with it? Why would anyone be offended? Chinese calligraphic art is believed to be sacred and also solacing experience to the eyes.

Chinese calligraphy art is often called as the most the powerful form of art in China. According to Chinese, having a calligraphy scroll in which some sacred writings are inscribed, brings luck. So in most Chinese homes one can find such calligraphy scrolls. The stylish writing format and beauty made it popular globally. Tourists coming to China never forget to take some scrolls home.
The calligraphy art in China has an illustrious history too. It is something that has been existing in their culture for thousands of years. With time, the art form also evolved. During the ancient Chinese period namely two styles existed – Zhuanshu and Lishu. Zhuanshu is straight writing whereas Lishu is clerical form of writing. 
The styles that were originated during the imperial era are Xingshu, Cashou, and Kaishu. Among these, Xinghshu is a semi curvasive running. Cashou is a cursive style of writing and Kaishu is simply the regular form.
Due to its enchantment, the art is being widely followed in other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. You would have even seen stylish body tattoos with Chinese calligraphy inscriptions. Normally calligraphies are being written about success phrases, religious chants, Chinese zodiacs, ancient poetry, etc.

Ink and strokes in Chinese calligraphy:

The ink used in writing calligraphy is black and is made from the soot of pinewood mixed with resin. In this form of art, the various kinds of strokes has immense importance, it conveys feelings and emotions. There are seven kinds of strokes, namely, horizontal line, downward stroke, curvy, the dot, hooked downward and 45 degree stroke. Apart from what is written, the strokes and colours represent the emotion involved in those words.

When these calligraphy’s are being sold in open markets, they are highly priced. But, now due to globalization and the emergence of Internet, there are many websites that offer Chinese calligraphies at low prices. So what are you waiting for, go get lucky!

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